Little Bookham Village Hall

About Little Bookham Village Hall

In the early 1900s Mrs Mary Chrystie, a well known Bookham resident, donated a plot of land and funds for building at the entrance to Burnhams Road with Little Bookham Street. There would seem to have been a 'parish room' of some description on the site at the time which was attached to cottages. These were demolished to make way for the hall. The site was also bordered by The Fox Ale House which stopped selling beer in 1901 and has now become No 1 Pleasaunce Row.

The Hall was built some time after 1912 and recorded with the Charity Commissioners in September 1919. It is managed by a Committee of local residents (overseen by the Trustees of the Hall) who ensure that it is run in a fit and proper manner. Is is well used by a good number of local groups ranging from keep fit classes (very popular in today's climate!) to the Little Bookham WI and lots more.

100 years on, and with minimal maintenance, the Hall was still serving our community, albeit a reducing one due to the lack of facilities and standards required of a hall in this day and age.

During 2006 a project was started to refurbish the hall. The plan was to try not to alter the overall character of the hall whilst trying to give it a modern feel inside.

You will find a video of the evolution of the village hall on our Gallery page.